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Florida Race Series Announced! MABRAcrossers Ready for Second Half
With attendance up by over 23%, and nearly $8,000 raised for worthwhile causes, the MABRAcross Series has had a very successful start to the season. Living up to its slogan of “the fastest growing cycling series in America”, MABRAcross is in the midst of its fourth straight year of entry growth in excess of 20%. The growth, especially in the introductory classes, has been so strong that mid-season changes have been deemed necessary to cope with the influx of new riders. According to Series Director Chip Sovek, “in order to match the pace of the tremendous growth the MABRAcross Series would like to announce a modified schedule. The category 3/4 women, who formerly raced simultaneously with the Category 4 Men, will now be racing in their own race starting at 9:00 am. The change goes into effect immediately, starting with the Wayne Scott Memorial on November 3 and will be in place for the remainder of the series.”
The ever-increasing entry lists aren’t the only reason for smiles, however. Over the course of one week, two MABRAcross races raised $7,750 for worthy causes. The Ed Sander Memorial raised $4,250 for the Chris Sander Scholarship Fund, and the Breast Cancer Awareness Race raised $3,500 for Breast Cancer Awareness of the Cumberland Valley (
Perhaps those smiling the most, however, are the point leaders half way through the season. Weston Schempf and Betsy Shogren have comfortable, though not safe, leads in the Elite Men and Elite Women divisions respectively. Seven riders are bunched closely behind Schempf, Steve Cummings, Michael Gallagher, Gordon Steven, Davide Frattini, Stephen Kincaid and Jeremiah Bishop. In the 35+ subdivision, Mark Gwadz is leading the series with a ‘not-so-comfortable’ lead ahead of Blair Saunders. This official jersey category has seen a big jump in attendance making this race a hotly contested race throughout the MABRAcross series.
Like the men, there are a bunch of women close behind points leader Shogren. Defending champ Lisa Vible, Jessica Hill, Jennifer Maxwell, Carolyn Popovic, Sheldon Libbey, Heidi von Teitenberg, and Erica Yozell are all within striking distance of the lead. Other leaders in the Championship Jersey divisions are: Randy Root (1/2/3 age 45+), Nunzio Dibiasi (Masters 55+), Ethan Townsend, who promotes the next race in the MABRAcross series (category 3/4 men), Sam O’Keefe in U18 Juniors, Justin Mauch in U16 Juniors, Steven Wahl in category 4 men and Terri Spanogle in category 3/4 women.
Leaders in the non-championship (ie no jerseys) “Cat 3-4” Masters divisions are “Fat Marc” Vettori in 35+ and Ron Huebner in 45+.
The complete MABRAcross point tables can be found at The next race in the MABRAcross series the “Wayne Scott Memorial Cyclocross Race "not dead yet" on November 3 and then on Sunday, November 4th is the Tacchino Ciclicross - 2007 MABRAcross Series Event #5. Visit the exclusive MABRA page for all remaining races in the series by clicking on the “MABRA Cyclocross” icon on the BikeReg homepage.


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